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Why do people continue to say one thing and do another?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Why do people continue to say one thing and do another? I get this question all the time… “The methodology said it tested above norm……in fact, it was the best tested idea for their norms”. So what happened?

The answer is simple.  Because you are asking questions and they are telling you what they “think” and you are not actually getting to where they make their decisions (subconsciously in their value structure).  The answer lies in getting to their subconscious and correctly mapping their decision making structure through their emotional filters.

A second observation I am very familiar with… “We have invested heavily in training. But in 30 days they are doing it wrong again”. At lunch the other day, I listened while a senior thought leader stated that “people are not trainable”.

If you are “telling” people what to do, they are not able to make a transition for more than 30 days.  TRUE.   You actually need to start with their individual psychology.  They must understand themselves inwardly.  Upon having this clarity, then they are able to align the “intention” of the training.  When you get this kind of “values buy in”, you will find that 60 days or 2 years later they are delivering on your requirements.

We call it values alignment and it works.

~ Margo

The Traditional View

Friday, March 19th, 2010

We have more clients who share with us that research has indicated that they are not doing something quite right…..a lot of times they cannot make the change….or …..the changes simply bring them closer to the competition.

What are you doing right? What are the “loyal” consumers buying from you? It has been fascinating watching brand managers shift to feeling such a sense of “pride” when they understand the “power” of what their OWN brand delivers….and then just simply doing more of that RIGHT thing!!!

~ Margo

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