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Emotion is a bad word

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

We walk into many meetings and have learned to leave the “word” emotion in the parking lot. It is an uncomfortable word that has been so overused or rather misused or …worse considered to be soft and not play a role in decision making.

Everyone buys to satisfy a subconscious need(s)……..if you can’t get beneath the surface….then you might be guessing how to best target your customer. Even the toughest critic (the Senior VP) who states two slides in …that it feels too soft…and by the end is grinning from ear to ear now that he/she understands the “power” in the emotion that he/she is selling.

Emotion is not a bad word….in fact when you understand the rules and context…even the toughest of the tough….begin to change their vocabulary to include one or two of those powerful words.

~ Margo

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