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A profound influence early in my career

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I often get asked to participate in meetings or lunches where stimulation or imagination is required. Over lunch last week, I realized a lesson that I had learned years ago and it was again reinforced to me. When people ask what I think they should do, I rarely answer their question directly.

 Instead, I run the question through one of our models. I will listen, guide and support their own ability to tell stories.  We may disengage from the subject or bring outside discussions to the table but I try to enable their own decision making process to have enough stimulus and sometimes disruptive stimulus to work through a problem naturally. I might even describe examples of other industries that are quite different from their own until they begin to answer their own questions more insightfully then I could have.

Reinforcing through the right questions asked the right way, provides a natural inward solution to problem solving. When you hear someone say –” OK I get it.  I get what it means for  x brand…” and then they beautifully articulate it…..I have not taught them how to think – instead I have leveraged their natural decision making style to reach what I felt was a correct decision for them.

I’ve thought about that a million times over the years as Dr. Darrel Edwards never gave me answers directly – he always had the answer- yet he let me use my own personal gifts to problem solve or get to that bigger leapfrog answer.

Similar to the story above, if I had answered the question for this client, it may never have felt correct to him.  When he reached what he felt was the correct decision on his own…he was focused with clear direction and purpose and much better equipped to respond to any challenges. We all have the answers we need…once we have the right questions to answer.

~ Margo

Why do people continue to say one thing and do another?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Why do people continue to say one thing and do another? I get this question all the time… “The methodology said it tested above norm……in fact, it was the best tested idea for their norms”. So what happened?

The answer is simple.  Because you are asking questions and they are telling you what they “think” and you are not actually getting to where they make their decisions (subconsciously in their value structure).  The answer lies in getting to their subconscious and correctly mapping their decision making structure through their emotional filters.

A second observation I am very familiar with… “We have invested heavily in training. But in 30 days they are doing it wrong again”. At lunch the other day, I listened while a senior thought leader stated that “people are not trainable”.

If you are “telling” people what to do, they are not able to make a transition for more than 30 days.  TRUE.   You actually need to start with their individual psychology.  They must understand themselves inwardly.  Upon having this clarity, then they are able to align the “intention” of the training.  When you get this kind of “values buy in”, you will find that 60 days or 2 years later they are delivering on your requirements.

We call it values alignment and it works.

~ Margo

Encouraging Greatness Coaching

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Today – I woke up and realized that we are now up to 6 very talented people that have come on board for coaching.

Incredibly talented people who are seeking inward clarity to their own subconscious values and rules. Talented…outstanding, quality of people…..who are beginning to make leaps and bounds just by inward evaluation of their “emotional” tool belt.

They are evolving. They are wanting more. And the “more” they seek is simply inside of themselves. The energy I feel when I watch the light come on to the “power” of who they are inside…..inspiring.

~ Margo

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