Business professional. International marketing and consumer insight expert. Guest lecturer.

Margo Jay has the natural ability to inspire organizations and individuals. In 2007, following 21 years of international corporate expertise (Mars, Storck, Georgia Pacific, GlaxoSmithkline, Alberto Culver …), her company, HiddenTruths, introduced a “globally proven decision making algorithm” for the Canadian marketplace to more effectively target customers.

From a leading edge, her clientele are introduced to their unrealized potential through the discovery of subconscious customer and client need(s) that must be satisfied. She is able to target and then better connect a product/service to the end customer through their hearts. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated that paradigms evolve once you understand and differentiate between “Why people choose you?” and “What YOU believe you are selling”.

Her passion is “connecting at a deeper, subconscious and authentic level”. She is revolutionizing “connections” within organizations and their customers. As a guest lecturer she provides insights and promotes dialogue on various marketing topics, including the psychology of women, teens, emotional marketing and their respective associations within the puzzle of “connecting”.

Margo is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University from the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program and has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career.

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