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Do you Claim to be Customer Centric?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

There is a popular trend in today’s marketplace as businesses focus their attention on becoming increasingly customer centric. But what exactly does that mean…?

Based on experience, I believe the definition of a customer centric business is quite widespread and negotiable. Some perceive a customer centric model to mean having a superior Customer Service Department… or a friendly and approachable organizational culture …or production capacities that enable one to customize their products. Some people even prefer to sum it up with the phrase “the customer is always RIGHT!” All the aforementioned can be great, but I believe that these are simply symptoms which allow organizations to ‘kick under the rug’ the real fact of the matter – the reality that they do not really understand their customer!

I believe that operating a customer centric business means knowing the specific underlying reasons to why your customers’ purchase from you. It’s deeper than knowing they enjoy the benefits of a product/service… it is actually about satisfying a subconscious need! Your company’s ability to understand your customers’ underlying subconscious need manifests into a relationship with your customer that is relevant, inspiring and most importantly loyal! Imagine the benefit when you truly understand your customer and tailor to their needs…exponential revenue…thoughtful relationships…viral word of mouth…disappearing expenses…a gratifying and prominent impact on the community…the list is eternal!

As a result the business model suddenly shifts. The marketing strategy is now focused on the pin-pointed subconscious need vs. what you think your product/service offers. The business is now consolidated to departments and functions that actually ADD VALUE in the customers’ eyes.

Suddenly irrelevant costs vanish.

Suddenly the organization is a team racing towards a CLEAR GOAL.

Suddenly managers are on the SAME page.

How might your organization change…..?

~ Margo

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