What exactly is “being” a Canadian?

Happy Canada’s Day – July 1st!!

There is more speculation on how Canada is changing as the country’s mosaic continues to shift.  Manufacturers believe that if we just had a comprehensive profile of these individuals and their cultural values, they would be better able to meet their needs.  Others have taken a different approach.  They have taken their brands to those countries to ensure their brand BECOMES ROOTED in their culture prior to arriving in Canada.

So my question is ….are we all that different?

The truth is that we are ALL human beings who intrinsically seek to establish loyalties in this world.  Loyalty comes from significant emotional bonds. The intensity of the bond is what we seek as humans to feel a deep sense of happiness.  This bond or need that we are seeking to satisfy is emotionally the same whether we have it with other people or with things. For brands then, achieving more love or more relationships would directly translate into more sales.

 So if we understand the “need” that a brand can emotionally satisfy….we should be able to more effectively and target all customers who seek to satisfy that same need.       So….do you know what they are really buying from your brand vs. what you think you are selling?

~ Margo

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