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“HiddenTruths is a highly valued partner in my business. Margo and her team are exceptionally talented and focused on driving for one thing and one thing only – the unadulterated TRUTH. The insight that she is able to extract is deep and profound and extremely sophisticated.

Imagine for a moment you were having major heart surgery – would you want the surgeon planning your procedure off a traditional X-Ray or using the most advanced CT or MRI technology? I for one, would choose the CT or MRI technology because it provides a precise, advanced vision of the problem and gives me the best chance for a positive outcome.

Hidden Truths is exactly like that CT or MRI and Margo delivers the rich insights and strategic recommendations are invaluable for my business and I am always confident that I have the right information when making decisions.”

Anna Seymour, Marketing Director, Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

“…thrilled with your findings but at the same time overwhelmed and humbled. I found myself fighting back emotion. Thank you for your enlightening work.”

Darwyne Lang, President , Bcomm Financial

“…that was the most stunning presentation…just sizzling. I have seen good research, better research and really bad research.

I have never seen anything that got right to the heart of the matter and answered the questions why? I wanted to stand up and jump in that meeting. Finally, we had the real answer why!”

Hugh Johnston, Strategic and Business Planning, Second Cup

“As an association we always assumed that we understood what our members required from us.

Through the work and research that was done by HiddenTruths we now have a much greater understanding of their needs and expectations which will allow us to ensure that we are providing the services that are required and offering the best possible service.”

Brian Tropea, Industry Liaison and Policy Advisor, Ontario Harness Horse Association

“Margo Jay and HiddenTruths, finds her way into the heart of a business issue in a way that is respectful, caring and, at the same time, revealing. Revealing the truth and then sharing it in a way that allows for exploration, discussion and a plan to move forward with these truths.

Her work at United was embraced by our community because they knew she nailed it, it was our own words she gave us, not in a way that was hurtful but in a ‘let’s look at ourselves and decide what to do to leverage all this ground truth’. We can now build on that. Margo’s process is a shared experience – everyone is engaged by that method and it is inclusive.”

Anne Martin, President, United Van Lines

“It’s wonderful to know that our purpose goes so far beyond selling coffee. I am compelled to help all of our stakeholders understand our true purpose, and committed to exceeding expectations as a result of that understanding.”

Kimberly Clark, Vice President, Marketing, The Second Cup Ltd

“Having worked on both the client and the research supplier side of the marketing world, it is a rare find to work with such an invested insight partner as Margo and HiddenTruths. The pragmatic, persistent and passionate approach to finding answers was truly appreciated. And…the uncovered insight was an ERA – exciting, rich and actionable! Get ready for a home run!”

Marilyn J. Miller, Marketing Manager, Innovation, The Allan Candy Company Limited

“…as a Marketer who has been doing this for over thirty years I am always excited to learn even more about the consumer.

Well, after working at this paper business for nine years, I humbly confess that I found we entered a new territory through HiddenTruths and your great ability to get to our consumer to reach to this depth is quite remarkable.”

Nancy Marcus, Corporate Vice President Consumer Marketing, Kruger Products

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